Behind the Scene- Roxanne

I was so excited to work with Roxanne as she would be modeling for my Highschool Model Team!

Follow along as I take you through a day in the spot light of a session!!

Finished gallery at the end of blog!


Roxanne started the day with Katherine, Stephanys Photography's HMUA to get her ready for her session! Katherine created a beautiful natural glam, as Roxanne sat back and enjoyed her glam time!


After hair and make-up Roxanne, and I went over outfits and finalized what order and what outfit would look best where! Then off we went to our first location! The amazing part of the Exclusive package is Katherine travels with us to ensure you are always camera ready!

We stated with a long gorgeous striped dress! I walked Roxanne though every pose and made sure she felt like a shining star in front of the camera! Katherine and I are there to be your personal cheerleaders!


It was time to change! We have a pop up tent that we take with us to make sure there is a place to change! Roxanne quickly changed over to her second outfit!

The amazing thing about having Katherine at the session with us is she made sure Roxanne got camera ready! She also fixes hair and earrings as we shot!


Off to the second location we went! We ended up at this beautiful bridge!

The light and back ground was to die for!

Also we can always count on our behind the sense selfie from Katherine!

Our goal for every session is to reawaken your confidence and courage! No one should ever define you! You have greatness in you! Katherine and I are simply there to remind you that its within you!


Roxanne, you are simply beautiful. The makeup is not what makes you beautiful it is who you chose to be everyday. You are kind, smart, and loving. You my dear are distained for greatness! You my dear walk on this earth with so much love and light to give!

Step into your greatness and be the women you are meant to be!

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