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Light Chasers
First-Ever High School Model Team!!


Our mission  Light Chasers?

Our mission for Light Chasers is to place more love in this world than we receive! We want to start with learning to love ourselves and the ladies around us! It's had enough to be a woman in a world with so many standers! Let's break those standers and learn to love as we are! 


 This unique experience and environment is a safe space to grow in. In a world that wants you to fit in, Stand Out!  

reawaken your self-love, with Community, Confidence, and Encouragement by the ladies around you.



Becoming A Part Of The Team!

How do we choose our Model Team?

The selection of my High School Models is based on personality and being active in your school and extracurricular activities.

Most importantly, I look for High schoolers that are excited about being in this program and want me to be a part of their high school journey.

This program works best if you want all the mushy bonding that comes with it. We become like family!





Model Team

Join Light Chasers! Become a part of something bigger!

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2022-2023 School Year